How Nomads Cast cut their client onboarding time by  99% with Catalytics
Saved per month
To onboard a new client

Camilo at Catalytics completely revamped my onboarding sequences and made it run smooth like butter. He's able to accomplish things that other developers told me just wasn't possible."

Omar Mo
Nomads Cast


Launched to address the complex challenges of digital marketing, Nomads Cast is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way brands engage with their audience through social video content. By focusing on removing the content creation bottlenecks that impede revenue and audience growth, Nomads Cast provides a scalable solution for publishing high-converting content daily without the logistical nightmares. Their services are designed to significantly lower the customer acquisition cost by leveraging organic content that not only builds an audience but also fosters a vibrant community.


As Nomads Cast volume of clients grew, they wanted to scale, streamline, and expedite their onboarding process

Previously,  Nomads Cast onboarding process was cumbersome and manual. Clients had to be onboarded through a series of disjointed steps involving:

  1. Sending Jotform questionnaires through email.
  2. Creating and managing contracts.
  3. Creating a complex Google Drive folder for each client.
  4. Inputting questionnaire answers and files into these G-Drive folders.
  5. Creating a Slack channel between the client and Nomads Cast.
  6. Bookmarking specific G-drive sub-folders to the newly created channel.
  7. Sending reminders to clients to fill in questionnaires.
  8. Manually updating each client's onboarding status.

This process was time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient, making it difficult to scale and manage as the client base grew.

"Amazing, Camilo is a problem solver at heart and he'll find a way to do what you need done. For busy business owners like myself, this is a blessing and hard found."


The solution was a comprehensive automation using various tools to build an End-to-End automated onboarding process.

Tools used:, Notion, Go High Level, Jotform, Google Drive, Gmail, and Slack

Nomads cast wanted full control of the onboarding process, but at the same time wanted it to be fully automated- so much so that no human interaction was needed at any step of the process.

So, to accomplish both objectives Catalytics built three systems

  1. An auto generating control panel in Notion where an operator could "turn on" or "turn off" a specific clients onboarding process
  2. A fully End-to-End automated yet personalized workflow in which no human was required to complete any of the steps listed in "Challenge" section
  3. A data capture system: No matter when or from where clients submitted their information, their data was stored, organized, and filed in the correct place.

The three tiered system that Catalytics built significantly simplified Nomads Cast process and freed up 5 hours per client for their operations team.

"This automation helped us save time, make more money, save on labor costs, and just make everything run much smoother."


Time to onboard reduced by 99%

Nomads Cast previously spent hours onboarding each client. With the help of Catalytics, Nomads Cast onboarding process transformed into process of less than a minute per client.

Enhanced client experience

Clients experienced a smooth integration into the Nomads cast system, receiving personalized and premium service.

Secure Data collection

Client information no longer needed to be inputted or updated manually, which is prone to human error.

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