How GDP, inc. 2x'd their client management with Catalytics
Saved per month
Reduction in time spent
Improvement in client engagement

"Camilo at Catalytics completely revamped my onboarding sequences and made it run smooth like butter. He's able to accomplish things that other developers told me just wasn't possible."

Jamie Allen
Principal Engineer


GDP, Inc. stands as a distinguished financial advisory and planning firm based in Manhattan Beach, CA, deeply committed to understanding and aligning with the unique 'why' of each client. Whether it's family, making a difference, or something entirely unique, GDP, Inc. dedicates itself to working closely with clients to achieve their financial goals. Given the client centric level of service, GDP's team members were spending a significant amount of time on admin work. Therefore, CEO Scott Bell searched and found Catalytics to help introduce AI & automation to their client management & operational processes.


GDP,inc. faced a dual-faceted challenge that stemmed from the need to optimize both client-facing and operational processes.

Challenge #1:

GDP, inc. had implemented Fireflies.AI to capture call transcripts but was not fully leveraging the software's capabilities. The transcripts were being stored in Fireflies.AI—essentially using it as a basic file storage system—they were not being harnessed to produce actionable insights or influence business operations. To truly benefit from the technology, GDP, Inc. needed to transform these transcripts into actionable tasks. A key challenge remained: the variety of operational tasks stemming from the different types of calls—internal, client, and partner—handled daily.

Challenge #2:

GDP, Inc. relies on Qualtrics forms to stay current with client financials, news, feedback, and overall status. However, the manual entry of form responses into their CRM system was not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also prone to errors. This process lead to inconsistent follow-ups on client inquiries and forms. Such a manual system impeded the firm’s ability to swiftly adapt to clients’ changing needs, negatively impacting client satisfaction and engagement. Automating this process would significantly enhance accuracy, efficiency, and client relations.


Enhancing Meeting Management and Client Communication

Solution to Challenge #1: Enhancing Actionable Insights

Fireflies.AI, like many call recording and transcript SAAS products, often stop short of transforming insights into actions. To address this, Catalytics developed a bespoke solution for GDP, Inc., which included:

  1. Automatic Call Type Identification: Transcript analysis was used to categorize calls as Internal, Partner, or Client.
  2. Integration with Internal Knowledge Base: Call summaries generated by Fireflies were automatically stored in GDP, Inc.’s Notion-based knowledge base and project management tool.
  3. Draft Email Automation: Draft emails for client follow-ups were auto-generated based on action items derived from transcripts.
  4. Task Management in Notion: Tasks were automatically added to the correct projects within Notion, and task owners were tagged for notification.
  5. CRM Integration: Notes were created in GDP, Inc.’s CRM under relevant client contacts to ensure all team members were informed.
  6. Notification and Reminders: The GDP, Inc. team was alerted when a draft email was ready to be sent and was reminded if the follow-up email had not been dispatched after one day.

This solution not only streamlined workflows but also enhanced client engagement and operational efficiency by ensuring timely and relevant follow-ups.

Solution to Challenge #2: Enhancing Client Review Efficiency

To address inefficiencies in the client review process, Catalytics implemented a dual-sided automation system. This system automatically filled in CRM client information based on responses from client forms, and vice versa, auto-populated form answers based on existing client information. This automation streamlined forms for clients, significantly enhancing their experience.

The solution integrated three key technologies: Wealthbox for CRM management, Qualtrics for survey administration, and Calendly for scheduling appointments, automating every step of the client engagement process.

Overall, these initiatives not only resolved the immediate operational challenges but also positioned the firm for sustained growth. By leveraging advanced automation, the client management team was able to focus more on client engagement and less on routine tasks, thus improving efficiency and effectiveness in client interactions.


80% reduction in time spent

The custom built automations provided the GDP, inc. team an 80% reduction in time spent on meeting management, follow up, and CRM updates.

Client Engagement Rate Increase by 35%

The automated follow ups, and pre-populated data variables improved the client experience and therefore client engagement.

Improved client documentation and organization

An automated process ensures secure data collection, documentation and organization without the worry of human error.

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