How Designer Home Spas is closing Leads 30% faster with Catalytics
Saved per sales rep
per week
Lead follow reduced
from 3 days to 3 hours
Overall faster sales cycle

We have better visibility, faster follow ups, and fast sales cycles, all thanks to Catalytics...can't recommend them enough."

Andrei Newman
Designer Home Spas


Designer Home Spas stands as a beacon of luxury wellness, offering clients a gateway to serene home sanctuaries through their high-end European spa products. Products that include spas, saunas, fire pits, and cold plunges. With a surge in customer demand created a lead management constraint. Their existing manual lead management system, while functional, did not reflect the efficiency needed to manage the volume of customers.


The company faced a labor-intensive system for managing incoming leads. Essential data from potential customers had to be manually evaluated to determine its worth, inputted into CRM systems, logged for reporting, assigned to the appropriate sales rep, and, if necessary, placed into outbound sales channels for future nurturing. This not only demanded significant manpower but also risked delays and loss of potential sales due to inefficiency.

"Our sales process overall was manual, time consuming, slow, and complicated with so many disjointed tools"


Catalytics designed a fully automated system that revolutionized Designer Home Spas' sales methodology. This cutting-edge solution encompassed:

  • AI-Powered Lead Evaluation: Deploying OpenAI to score and segment leads by potential value, industry, and product interest, ensuring prioritization and personalization.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Automating the flow of lead data into Airtable for tracking and HubSpot as the primary CRM, achieving a single source of truth for client interactions.
  • Strategic Contact Nurturing: Leveraging Klaviyo to initiate a nurturing sequence, promoting engagement and conversion of leads.
  • Automated Notifications: Establishing a real-time alert system via Slack for sales teams, facilitating prompt responses.
  • Dynamic Reporting: Updating sales dashboards in HubSpot with real-time data for a comprehensive view of the sales funnel.
"End to end we have better lead scoring, faster follow ups, and a complete line of sight to what is happening with our leads"


Eliminated 4 hours per sales rep per week

Sales reps saved over 4 hours per week, redirecting their focus to engaging leads.

Reduced Sales follow up by 96% days:

The process of contacting leads used to take 3 days now we're reaching out within 3 hours.

Cost Savings:

Unnecessary tools were eliminated, optimizing operational expenditure.

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